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AttyMsg.com is the only service that allows for any office to one-way text their Attorneys or ParaLegals from any desktop computer! We use industry standard lightning fast databases to get your message to your Attorneys in seconds.


Send message from any desktop

Simply put, most Attorneys and paralegals work from desktop computers. If any of this information needs to reach an Attorney ASAP, the ParaLegal would normall text their Attorney. This is a huge waste of time and error prone. AttyMsg.com allows you to copy and paste any message and one-way send to any Attorney in your office in seconds!


Visual see your texts

On your desktop you can now visually see all your Attorneys, select one, and type your text message right next to their name. Then simply click send! With in seconds your Attorney has the information for that case directly on his mobile device.


Information sent ASAP!

AttyMsg.com is lightning fast as you can text directly from your desktop. No need to whip out your mobile device, look at your desktop screen and re-type information. Simply copy and paste and your Attorney has the message instantly!


First month is free! Unlimited Attorneys,unlimited one-way text messages for one low annual price!

Our annual plan is only $1,599.00

Add Unlimited Attorneys, and send unlimited one-way text messages for one low annual price!

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  • Monday - Friday: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Address: Winter Garden, FL
  • Phone: (407) 725-9935
  • Fax: (866) 292-6905
  • Email: postmaster@attymsg.com

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